Dear Earthlings,

Following a recent update we have just brought out including some new features we have changed the way the hoppers work on our server with some nice new features.

You can now upgrade and do much more with the hoppers on our server. Not only does this help reduce lag for the server, but it also helps you as a player. Following this new update there has been a lot of questions regarding the hoppers and the functionally, also, how to make the most of this feature. Due to the high amount of questions myself and other staff members where getting asked about the hoppers I decided it would be best if I was to just make a video showing you how to use them and the features this update includes.

So here is the completed tutorial. I hope this helps a little bit and answers most of your questions. If you do have any further questions about how they work please leave a comment in this forum post!

Many thanks,

(Sorry about the watermark, it was the editing program I used, I just wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible, thank you)
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