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    Official Rules of Skyblock Earth

    [1] → Racism is NOT tolerated and will result in an instant 7-day ban.
    [2] → Advertising is NOT allowed. ♦ I.E - Posting server I.P | URL Links
    [3] → No spamming of any kind. Keep CAPS to an absolute minimum.
    [4] → Hacks or hacked clients of any kind are NOT allowed.
    [5] → Destructive criticism of any kind towards the server will NOT be tolerated. ♦ I.E - “This server sucks!”
    [6] → Doxxing of any level is NOT tolerated. ♦ I.E - “Minecrafter42 lives in Florida.” Publishing user’s real names. Other user’s I.P addresses.
    [7] → Swearing, while allowed, can NOT be used in excess. ♦ I.E. - “Fuck fucks fuck fuck fuck.”
    [8] → Scamming is allowed but not to be used with our Auction House or Trading system. Scamming for any items inside of our real-money store will NOT be tolerated and result in an instant permanent ban. No excuses or appeals will be taken.
    [9] → Evading a ban with the use of an alternative account is strictly NOT ALLOWED. Doing so will result in a permanent ban on the alternate account and will increase the ban time of the main account.
    [10] → No controversial topics of any kind. (Religion|Race|Politics|Homophobia) Doing so will result in a temporary mute.
    [11] → Griefing of any kind is NOT allowed. This includes, but is not limited to Lava bucket|TPA Killing ♦ I.E. - Teleporting a player to you and killing them for items.|Abuse of the /is coop (PlayerName) function| Please contact a member of staff if you’ve been griefed. The damage will be rolled back.
    [12] → Any and all threats made towards other players or one’s self will take seriously. These will be met with severe punishment. ♦ I.E. - “I’m going to find where you live!” “I wanna kill myself.”
    [13] → Do NOT ask any member of staff to review your Staff Application. Doing so will result in an instant denial. We review all applications on time.
    [14] → Avoid any arguments in all-chat. If continued once warned, you with BOTH be muted.
    [15] → Discussion of any staff member’s action(s) will be met with a mute. If you believe a staff member’s action(s) were incorrect, please post about the issue on our forums.
    [16] → False reports of any kind, player or staff, will be taken seriously. Doing so will result in a temporary ban.
    [17] → No discussion of any illegal activities. ♦ I.E. - Drugs|Underaged Drinking|Crime|Weapons
    [18] → No abuse of commands or flight in PvP. Combat logging is strictly NOT allowed. ♦ I.E. - Force-closing your Minecraft client to avoid death.
    [19] → English ONLY in all-chat. We are an English speaking server. You may use any other language you like inside of personal messages or in party chat.
    [20] → Abuse of any and all glitches for personal gain will NOT be tolerated. If you come across any issues, please report them to a staff member immediately.
    [21] → No impersonation of any kind is allowed. ♦ I.E. - Staff|Youtubers|Ranks|People
    [22] → Stealing of any kind is NOT allowed.
    [23] → Inappropriate usernames or nicknames will NOT be allowed. You will be given 30 days to change your username via the Mojang site, during which you will be given a /nick by staff.
    [24] → Do not ask for any free things.
    [25] → Staff and Player disrespect is STRICTLY not permitted on our server. If you are found doing so then you will be permanently banned.
    [26] Do not mute evade, this consists of but is not limited to the following: Through the use of signs, books and quills.
    [27] → Giving players whom have asked for an item/money is strictly against the rules. ♦ I.E. - 'Hey can I have some money' then someone responding 'Yeah sure!'
    [28] → 3x3 Generators are not permitted on Skyblock Earth
    [29] → Most importantly, have fun and follow the rules.

    If you need a rule further explained, feel free to ask any staff online.
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