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Discussion in 'Server Applications' started by StylerReborn, May 10, 2018.

  1. StylerReborn

    StylerReborn Member

    Mar 24, 2018
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    What is your in-game name?
    StylerReborn (Nick: Devil)

    What timezone are you currently in?
    CET (Central European Time) Germany

    Do you speak any additional languages?
    I am speaking german and turkish fluently.

    Do you have the correct software to capture evidence?
    (e.g. Lightshot [Screenshot] & OBS [Recording Software]
    Yes i have lightshoot and a recording software it names Overwolf.

    Why do you think you should become a member of staff?
    I am mental strong, very helpfully and polite. I can be a translater too.
    Thanks to my timezone, i am online when the most of the staff sleep.
    I know how to handle in difficult situations under stress, thanks to my hobby as a lifeguard is it very easy for me.

    How active are you currently on skyblock earth?
    On average three hours everyday.

    How long have you been playing skyblock earth?
    I dont really know it exactly , but if i must to estimate it i would say more then two month.

    Has your account previously been banned from our forums or in-game?
    Actually i got tempbanned for a hour from yavi.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member?

    Any additional information?
    I am 19 years young and studying engineering right now because i love math and physics and my hobby is swimming.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me ingame.

    Best Regards
  2. Yavi

    Yavi The Tranny

    Apr 5, 2018
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    I'm personally not sure if you'd be a good fit for staff. Firstly, we are pretty full as is. Secondly, you're english while very good for not being a native pretty unreadable. Myself and many other players often don't understand what you're saying. Secondly, you have a past of being very rude to myself, and other staff.
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